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Tai Chi - Quality of Life

Posted Feb 1st, 2006 in Articles

Tai Chi an Inner Workout for the Soul

Article in The Natural Healer - Fall 2001

There was a man of Sung who fretted that his corn was not growing as it should. In an effort to achieve better results, the man tugged at the stalks to hurry the growth of his crop, thus exposing a portion of the roots. He went home to tell the other villagers of his deed, exhausted over his efforts to help the com grow. The man's son rushed to look at the results and discovered that the
com his father had so feverishly pushed to grow, had withered.
(Adapted from Wing-Tsit Chan, A Source Book in Chinese Philosophy - 1963)

We live in an impatient society. We plant a seed today and expect to reap the harvest tomorrow. We pop food into the microwave frequent the drive-through eateries, rush to our destinations, demand quicker service. exercise hard to feel ‘the burn‘, and live for tomorrow. Unaware. stress seeps into our thoughts and finds homage in our physical form. It settles like a stagnant pond miles away from the flow.

Read the complete article here: Tai Chi an Inner Workout for the Soul (PDF)


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