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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

History - Wang Zi Ping

Posted Feb 8th, 2006 in Articles

Growing Up With Wang Zi Ping and Madam Wang Ju Rong

Article in the July 1998 issue of Kungfu-Qigong Magazine

A Daughter's Reminiscence of One of China's Most Famous Kungfu Families

People often say to me, Grace, your grandfather and parents are famous so you must know a lot of interesting stories. Yes, I do have a few tales to tell. I will always remember the frustrating time when, because of the Cultural Revolution, we were limited to practicing martial arts quietly at night in a oneroom living room-bedroom. The downstairs tenant would poke at the ceiling and yell out, "Be quiet, we are sleeping." Exasperated, I would whine, "How will I ever become a martial artist under these conditions?" I will never forget the look in my grandfather's, Wang Ziping, dazzling eyes and his calm voice as he said, " Xiaogao, all you need is a dream. And you can be everything you ever want to be."

Read the complete article here: Growing Up With Wang Zi Ping and Madam Wang Ju Rong (PDF)


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