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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

"Can You Heal Yourself?"

By Sifu George Picard

Ask most people and the answer would be "no". We think that the healing of our various maladies is outside of ourselves. Everyone else has the answers. There has been a system of self healing around for 5000 years and only now are we, in the west, discovering its power. This system is called QiGong (pronounced Chi Kung.) QiGong is a series of simple exercises that when practiced consistently, promotes the free flow of Qi (Vital Life Force) throughout the body. This in turn impacts every cell in the body and improves one's health significantly.

Major medical universities around the world such as Harvard, have been doing research with Qi Gong on various illnesses such as cancer, arthritis, diabetes, stroke, heart disease, sleep, osteoporosis and fall-prevention. In each study “significant” results were attained. Above is just a short list of the ailments studied. The results were so impressive, that Harvard Medical School refers to this as “Medication in Motion".

So how does this all work? The concept of Qi is simple. There must be a free flow of this energy throughout the body. If there is a block in the system, then illness will take hold and the body will start to deteriorate. Qi Gong opens the channels known as meridians, and promotes this flow of Qi from organ to organ and throughout the entire system. As cells regenerate, they become stronger. The immune system improves and the body responds in kind. Simple but dramatic.

One of the great aspects of Qi Gong is that anyone can do it regardless of age or physical abilities. It can be done standing or sitting and you can do it anywhere. No special equipment, clothes or location are required. It is gentle, easy, portable and again, benefits all who practice it.

Exercise is good but not all exercise is equal. There is a difference between “fitness” and “wellness". QiGong is a mind-body exercise that impacts not only our physical being, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our life. Catharine Garceau a Canadian Olympic Medalist, at the height of her career, suffered from injuries, anxiety and eating disorders. She is a student of the school and is certified to teach “24 Posture Therapeutic QiGong". She now has students of her own in the U.S. and credits Qi Gong as a significant part of her healing journey in her new book “Swimming Out Of Water".

Qi Gong has proven itself time and time again around the world, yet people don’t believe it. Of course, many have never experienced it. Many medical doctors still think it’s hogwash but the evidence is there. Many medical facilities in the U.S. are now using Qi Gong as an integrative therapy for the overall well-being of their patients.

In the final analysis, what people think about Qi Gong, or what the research says about Qi Gong, or the experiences of others with Qi Gong, is irrelevant. The only result that counts is your own. The advice would be to take responsibility for your own health and take your life back. Use Qi Gong in conjunction with your doctor’s treatment and get better. Simple!

Sifu George Picard is a fourth generation QiGong and Tai Chi Master and the Head instructor of the Wu Wei Tai Chi and QiGong school and Glenridge Martial arts academy. He is the author of the book “Heal Yourself With QiGong” an ancient solution to a modern problem, and has produced several DVD’s including “24 Postures Therapeutic QiGong for Health Healing and Longevity”. For more information on QiGong phone 905-684-7950 or go to “Swimming Out Of Water” and “Heal Yourself With QiGong” are available at The Village of Healing & Wellness, 50 Gale Cres., St. Catharines Ontario, Canada.


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