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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Sifu Tim Moynihan

Certified Therapeutic QiGong & Tai Chi Instructor (Level 2)  - 

Fergus, Ontario  - 

Tim Moynihan currently lives in Elora with his wife Kelly and their three children Cody, Connor and Lauren. A long time resident he left the area for a period of time to pursue his love of teaching and instructing in Outdoor Education and Recreation.

Sifu Tim Moynihan began his martial arts training in 1977 at the "Tai-Jitsu Den" under Sensei Chris Bissett. After this school closed its doors he studied a myriad of other Martial Arts including Shotokan Karate at the Blackbelt Karate Dojo, GoJu Ryu Karate with Sensei Selvyn Rainer, Shaolin Kung-Fu at the Scarlet Dragon Society and Taoist Tai Chi.

When he returned to Elora he began his study of Shorin Ryu Karate and in 2005 he and his wife opened “Moynihan Family Martial Arts” in Fergus. Sifu Moynihan continues to study Martial Arts under the guidance of Hanshi Carlos Montalvo - Karate and Kyoshi Daniel Torres – Ju Jitsu of “International Ronin Martial Arts Federation” Brandon, Florida, U.S.A.

Each week Sifu Moynihan travels to St. Catharines where he trains in Q Gong and Tai Chi under the watchful eye of Sifu George Picard. In August of 2007 he was granted permission to start teaching Wu Yi Jie He QiGong and Tai Chi at his own school. Sifu Picard continues to assist Sensei Moynihan in his study and research of QiGong, Tai Chi and Okinawan Karate.

Sifu Tim is most happy when at the front of a class teaching and passing on his experience or skills to those who are willing to learn. From kayaking to natural science to Karate or QiGong his enthusiasm is reflected on his students faces.

I am indebted to Sifu Picard for his guidance and assistance on my journey of what makes a True Martial Artist.

"A warrior yes, but foremost a Healer!"
- Tim Moynihan

Sifu Tim lives, practices and teaches in Fergus, Ontario at the Olde Livery.
He continues to train with Sifu Picard and enjoys instructing.

Moynihan's Family Martial Arts
Downstairs in "The Olde Livery",
135 St Davids St.,
Fergus, Ontario, Canada

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