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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Linda Noble

Certified Therapeutic QiGong & Tai Chi Instructor (Level 6)  - 

Niagara, Ontario  - 

Linda has been a hairstylist since 1974. She worked long hours to accommodate her growing clientele and opened her own business in l992.

Linda’s spiritual journey began in 1993 when an illness made her step back and re-assess her life. A “wake up call” she now believes was a huge nudge from the Universe, guiding her back onto her destined path in life.

The door was opened to expand her business in Energy Medicine. She attended courses and is now certified in;
- Therapeutic Touch (RP)
- Reflexology (OC)
- Karuna Reiki Master
- Usui Reiki Master/Teacher

Feeling more drawn into Energy Medicine, she did research on QiGong and Tai Chi. They say the teacher will appear when the student is ready! Sifu George Picard became that teacher. With his great patience and guidance, she grew to love this gentle internal martial art.

She now knows that by practicing the healing QiGong, not only do we regain our health but we make a quantum leap to an even greater level of wellness; physically, mentally and spiritually.

Linda has trained extensively with Sifu George Picard since 2001 and is now a Level 6, Certified Instructor of the Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts.

QiGong Forms:
- 24 Postures Therapeutic QiGong
- 9 Postures Chen
- Various Moving QiGong

- Ling Kung Jing
- Zhang Jing

Tai Chi Styles:
- Yang
- Chen
- Sun

Tai Chi Forms:
- Form 6
- Peking and Mirror Image
- Form 24
- Hands of Lohan
- International Form
- Chen Short Form
- Chen Long Form
- Chen Cannon Fist
- Sun Style Long Form
- Link Form

Tai Chi Weapons:
- Short Chen Single Fan
- Flying Rainbow Single Fan
- Flying Rainbow Double Fan
- Single Sword Form 42
- Kung Fu Fan

Linda is a member of the Glenridge Martial Arts Tai Chi Players.

Linda continues to study at Glenridge Martial Arts, in St. Catharines, Ontario. She is part of the "Glenridge Martial Arts Tai Chi Players" and has performed with the group at Toronto's Roy Thompson Hall, plus other local charity events. She looks forward to the monthly seminars with Simon Hu (Chen); a true Master in her eyes.

She teaches classes at the Dojo and also group and private lessons locally. Because of its pace, it can be adapted and practiced by ALL ages.

"With our healthcare system continuing to deteriorate, we should take advantage of this extraordinary gift, now shared with us from the Eastern world. Tai Chi and QiGong are time-tested, preventative, self-healing tools that bring inner harmony and balance to one’s life. Through this unique combination of breath work, movement and meditation, Tai Chi and QiGong complement our Western medicine."

The body's natural wisdom toward harmony is asserted and refined through the flow of Chi. This "feeling of harmony" that soothes the mind while strengthening the body - that's what draws her back!

Visit "The Noble Touch" online at for more information on Linda and what she offers.

Linda can be reached via email at; or by phone at 905-227-0645, or through the Dojo at 905-684-7950.

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