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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Marilyn Picard

Certified 24 Postures Therapeutic QiGong Instructor (Level 1)  - 

Sydenham, Ontario  - 

Marilyn's passion is to assist humanity, one person or one group at a time in the evolution of consciousness. She has lived her life surrendering to her inner directive which led her to work in several countries, many American states and parts of Ontario. Marilyn spent many years as a facilitator of international gatherings, retreats, workshops and seminars and doing soul readings.

After spending years working with the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies of herself and others, she received an inner directive that it was now time in her "retirement" to work with the physical body. She became a certified teacher of 24 Posture Therapeutic QiGong.

Using 24 Posture Therateutic QiGong, she healed from a painful disease called Syringomyelia (a cyst which grows around the spinal cord causing severe pain in the extremities). After daily practice of 24 Posture Therapeutic QiGong for three months, she became completely pain free and has avoided neurosurgery.

She has witnessed healing of the physical body in many of her students.

Marilyn is in her late sixties and plans on teaching QiGong until she is no longer above ground.

She regularly teaches adult and special needs classes in Sydenham, Ontario.

Marilyn can be contacted via email at:

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