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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

QiGong / Tai Chi - What Is Tai Chi?

QiGong and Tai Chi are based on the highest principles of the Tao. Through daily QiGong / Tai Chi practice, we can become as children again, without stiffness or tension. We can relearn how to move freely and naturally with the whole body connected, both structurally and energetically. In this way, we mirror our connection to the larger whole, as part of the universe.

Chen Style Tai Chi - Master Helen Wu

Once one learns the postures, the rest of the work in mastering QiGong / Tai Chi involves learning to use energy in each posture. Working with Chi (energy) is called internal work. The internal work is what makes QiGong / Tai Chi unique and what distinguishes it from external forms of martial arts. The inner structure is what allows the body to move as a whole.

Originating in China, QiGong / Tai Chi is an ancient form of meditative exercise used to improve and maintain good health, increase longevity and improve self-defense.

A regular program of QiGong / Tai Chi exercises bestows a number of benefits:

  • Relief of neck, should and back pain;
  • Rehabilitation for high blood pressure, heart diseases, arthritis, diabetes, etc.;
  • Relief from the effects of stress and tension; and
  • The development of a frame of mind for overcoming depression.

Tai Chi Forms

  • Peking Short Form
  • International Long Form
  • Hands of Lohan
  • Form 6
  • Form 24
  • Form 42
  • Short Chen Form
  • Long Chen Form
  • Sun Style Long Form

Tai Chi Weapons

  • Short Chen Single Fan
  • Flying Rainbow Single Fan
  • Flying Rainbow Double Fan
  • Single Sword
  • Double Sword Long Form
  • Kung-fu Single Fan
  • Green Dragon Sword Form