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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

The Village Shops

The Village offers a wide assortment of items to support and improve your healing and wellness journey.

Online Shopping

Check out The Village online store for a selection of

books, such as:

Chi-Kong, Tai-Chi and FanHeal Yourself with QiGong

and DVD's, such as:

DVD: 24 PosturesDVD: Recovery QiGong

On-site Boutique

If you prefer a more personal touch, drop by The Village On-Site Boutique, talk to our instructors, browse our shelves and maybe even try a class.

We offer:

  • "T" Shirts
  • Tai Chi outfits and shoes
  • Karate Gi's
  • Tai Chi Fans
  • DVD's, Books, Music

Fabulous Beauti items

  • Vegan & Handmade Craft Beer & Wine Soaps
  • Eventful Favours for any occasion