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Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi and Fan

Chi-Kung, Tai-Chi and Fan brings together step-by-step explanations for several important martial arts routines. It is designed to help not only students in university and in martial arts schools, but also coaches and instructors.

The author, Master Helen Wu, is an acclaimed martial artist and university instructor who brings over 30 years of experience to her teaching. She has shared her extensive knowledge of Chinese martial arts and healing and her expertise in sports medicine with students around the world. Master Helen Wu's training system promotes the development of mind and body, for it is necessary to begin with external training and then to reach inward.

This approach of treating the whole person, of promoting psychological as well as physical health, sets Chi-Kung and Tai-Chi apart from simple exercise. It is an approach that confers a priceless gift - the refined mental state required to observe one's life in a clear light - to know oneself.

The author hopes this book will serve as a companion for you as you embark on your journey of discovery in Tai-Chi and Chi-Kung.