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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

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Recovery QiGong

Welcome to the Recovery QiGong Program for health, healing and longevity. It was taught to me by my teacher Grand Master Helen Wu as taught to her by her grandfather: Grand Master Wang Zi Ping, and her father: Doctor Wu Cheng De. All three were trained in both traditional Chinese Medicine and Chinese Martial Arts.

Over the past decade, I have taught this program to individuals with cancer. Again, health and quality of life benefits were reported. Given these positive experiences, my enthusiasm for teaching the " WuYiJieHe " family system of QiGong has grown exponentially. As a result of sharing this knowledge, there are, now, certified instructors in Canada, the United States and Europe. It is my sincere wish that with the practice of this healing system, you will also experience similar positive results, regardless of your personal challenges.

"You can recover from cancer and get your health back"
15 years working with individuals with cancer has proven this System for healing the body and mind from cancer. Now research Proves it. These simple QiGong exercises were developed by world famous Dr. and martial artist Wang Zi Ping. These exercises reduce inflammation, Stress and boost immune response.
Only you can do this, take charge of your life. 

Recovery QiGong 2-Disc DVD Set
Disc 1: 4-Part Instructional
Disc 2: Follow-Along Video

*Bonus Booklet Including:
The Science Behind the Results
Modern Diseases treated with this Ancient Remedy
QiGong and Modern Medicine
Breathing Techniques
The History of 24-Posture QiGong
The Masters Behind the Program
24-Posture Instructions