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Recovery QiGong for Individuals with Cancer

I have worked to develop this QiGong program for over 15 years with individuals with cancer. It has proven itself to be a positive and effective recovery for those going through surgery, chemo therapy and radiation treatments. The cancer students report, more energy, vitality, cognitive functioning and a higher quality of life. They also developed a strong, positive attitude with this mind, body program. Those facing these protocols that started QiGong before treatment have experienced less pain and a much quicker recovery. University research studies have found that QiGong also reduces stress, builds immune response, and significantly reduces inflammation. 
This program has four simple QiGong systems for maximum benefit.

Recovery QiGong 2-Disc DVD Set

Disc 1: 4-Part Instructional 

Disc 2: Follow-Along Video

*Bonus Booklet Including:

The Science Behind the Results

Modern Diseases treated with this Ancient Remedy

QiGong and Modern Medicine

Breathing Techniques

The History of 24-Posture QiGong

The Masters Behind the Program

24-Posture Instructions