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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Sifu George Picard - History & Lineage

Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping | 1st Generation Master

Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong | 2nd Generation Master

Master Dr. Wu Chengde | 2nd Generation Master

Master Helen Wu | 3rd Generation Master

Master Grace Xiaogao Wu-Monnat | 3rd Generation Master

Master Wu Xiaoping | 3rd Generation Master

Master Simon Hu | 3rd Generation Master

Master George Picard | 4th Generation Master

          Wu family in their Shanghai home, 1982.

Wu Family Shanghai Home

  • Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping (1881-1973)

    Wang Zi Ping was born in 1881, during the unsettling time of the last Chinese empire. He started his Wushu training at age six and became an expert in many styles of Wushu. He was well versed in all the major weapons, in qinna, shuaijiao, free fighting, hard qigong, soft qigong, light body techniques and many more. He was acclaimed as a well rounded martial artist. At the same time, he was also a famous expert in traumatology. He combined his...
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  • Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong (1928-2005)

    Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong was born on November 4th, 1928 in Cangzhou County, Hebei Province, China. Her father, Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping named her Ju Rong, Ju to represent the fall birth and strength and Rong to represent prosperity. It was Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping’s wish that his daughter would have a happy and prosperous life. Watch Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping with his daughter Grandmaster Wang Ju Rong performing with the straight sword. I...
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  • Dr. Wu Chengde

    A Professor Emeritus of the Shanghai Traditional Medicine and Herbology University. Dr. Wu is a disciple and the son-in-law of Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping. He was the first coach of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine University Wushu team. He is a prominent practitioner in Shuaijiao, many Wushu styles, and a highly acclaimed advisor for the International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association. Dr. Wu has over a half century of Wushu, Jaijiquan ...
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  • Master Helen Wu

    Master Helen Wu was born in Shanghai, China in 1956. She was trained by her grandfather, the legendary Chinese hero Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping, and her mother, Grandmaster (Professor) Wang Ju Rong, the first woman professor of Chinese martial arts in China. She was only three years old when she started her traditional Chinese Martial Arts training, including Chaquan, Tantui, Baji, Green Dragon Sword, Qiankun Ring, among many other forms. By ...
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  • Master Grace Wu-Monnat

    Grace Xiaogao Wu-Monnat was born into an ancestry rich in the traditions of the Chinese martial arts. Young Grace began her kung fu training with her grandfather, China’s well-respected grandmaster Wang Zi-ping, her mother, Professor Wang Ju-rong, New China’s first generation woman Wushu grandmaster, and her father, Dr. Wu Cheng-de, a prominent Wushu master and orthopedic doctor. During the Culture Revolution, Grace’s grandfather was forbidde...
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  • Master Wu Xiaoping

    Master Wu Xiaoping began her traditional Wushu training at age three from her grandfather, Wang Zi Ping; her mother, Wang Ju Rong and her father, Dr. Wu Chengde. She has been immersed in traditions of Chinese martial arts and medicine for most of her life. Her early martial arts training included the Chang Quan system (Chang Quan, Hua Quan, Hong Quan, Pao Quan and Tan Tui), Baji Quan and Taiji Quan. A graduate of both the Shanghai Teach...
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  • Master Simon Hu

    Master Simon Hu was born in Shanghai in 1956. He began his training in the martial arts when he was 12 years old, studying under both legendary martial artist Grandmaster Wang Zi Ping (1881-1973), and Grandmaster (Professor) Wang Ju Rong. He was also trained by eminent Chinese Tai Chi Masters, such as Master Gu Liu-Xin and Master He Bin-Quan. He has had 30 years of teaching experience, and has become an expert in all the major styles of...
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  • Master George Picard

    Master George Picard started his martial arts training in 1971. He has trained in several styles of Okinawan Karate and currently teaches Okinawan GoJu Karate Jutsu, Okinawan Kobudo and most major styles of QiGong, Tai Chi and Tai Chi Weapons at his home Dojo, Glenridge Martial Arts Academy and Wu Yi Jie He Academy in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. Master Picard started teaching Qi Gong and Tai Chi in 1996 in Toronto, Ontario. Through se...
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