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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Glenridge Martial Arts Tai Chi Players

The Glenridge Martial Arts Tai Chi Players are a local group of QiGong and Tai Chi instructors, students and enthusiasts who have performed together for over ten years. The Players train and practice regularly under the guidance of Master George Picard of the Glenridge Martial Arts Academy. Master Simon Hu also attends the Academy once a month providing additional instruction and guidance. Master George Picard is a student of and certified in Traditional Private Martial Arts Training by Master Helen Wu of York University. The Players are also regular attendees of Master Helen Wu's seminars.

The Tai Chi Players consist of Master George Picard and a number of his senior QiGong and Tai Chi students. The Players practice and perform a number of Tai Chi "forms" including empty hand, fan and sword forms. The Players have performed at various local charity and cultural events including:

  • Roy Thompson Hall, Toronto
  • Hotel Dieu Shaver Hospital Healing Garden - Opening
  • Arts of the Ancient East Stage Shows - I, II & III
  • Chinese Cultural Association of Regional Niagara Chinese New Year Celebrations
  • Niagara Folk Arts Festival

The Tai Chi Players meet regularly most Wednesday evenings at Glenridge Martial Arts Academy to practice and improve. For more information please contact Sifu George Picard.