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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Transformational Retreat

Bliss Haven Retreat

Are you ready for a Change? Time well spent with Marilyn & George Picard. Learn why we repeat self-defeating patterns that keep us producing stress hormones that keep us disconnected from ourselves.

Learn how we can use QiGong to consciously release the chains of our self-imposed limitations.

Take your QiGong practice to a deeper level connecting with the emotional/mental and spiritual bodies to create blissful states that will "stick" in the future.

Experience the power of group energy during various forms of QiGong and use it for your personal transformation.

Location: Bliss Haven Retreat, 1028 Canal Bank Road, Dunnville, Ontario

Cost: Deposit of $100 CAD per person is due by T.B.D.

Final Payment: $395 CAD per person is due by T.B.D

Couples Discount: Deposit of $200 CAD per couple due by T.B.D.  Final Payment of $600 CAD per couple due by T.B.D . ($190 savings)

This includes the workshops,materials accommodations, snack Friday and throughout the weekend (3 meals Saturday, breakfast Sunday) & coffee and tea throughout the weekend as well.

For more details on this or an event please contact:
Sifu George Picard (905)684-7950  or
Fab Hernandez (289)931-6991