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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts

Unwind The Mind

WelcomeUnwind The Mind

Naturality is the process of understanding how to free ourselves from our mind's discontentment. Thus, comes the evolutionary self healing practice that I teach.

Evolutionary Self healing has 3 components. Meditation, Qigong and Yoga. The goal is to achieve self care, self love, and self acceptance.

We are all a work in progress and there are many ways to take care of ourselves. I don't use a cookie cutter method for my clients, instead, I will help you find the method that best works with your true nature.

There are four main principles that we will follow:

  1. To nourish the body with nutritious foods.
  2. To have a hold on our emotions not the other way around.
  3. To listen to your spirit (inner voice) as it will protect you.
  4. To not harm yourself or anyone else.

We offer:Unwind The Mind Meditation

  • Meditation
  • QiGong
  • Yoga



Fabiola Hernandez
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